Coaching and Mentoring Services

Coaching & Mentoring Services

We are an energetic team of results-oriented thought-leaders who help organizations optimize performance and maximize investments in strategy, people and processes.


Are you trying to achieve new breakthroughs in your team's performance? Personal coaching is a proven method of overcoming obstacles, improving performance, and changing behaviors. Our staff of highly skilled professional coaches will work with you and your team on a one-on-one basis to:

  • Help them understand their personal opportunities and potential
  • Help them identify and alter their personal behavioral barriers and habits that keep them from achieving their full potential - Set and achieve goals
  • Have conversations that help the individual being coached understand how they can holistically bring their performance into lasting balance
  • Teach key skills and principles and identify areas where they can implement them to continue to build their personal performance


Twin Star Consulting recommends building upon the skills and motivation that come from our seminars through regular personal mentoring. Our team of experienced mentors and trainers will work with your people, one-on-one, or in small groups, to:

  • Help them increase their understanding of the skills and principles taught in the training
  • Have conversations that help the individual being mentored understand their strengths and weaknesses and to understand how they can holistically bring their performance into alignment with requirements
  • Identify areas where they can implement those skills and principles to build their personal performance - Set and achieve goals
  • Provide continual support and reinforcement around organizational and management principles.

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Comments from Clients

  • "Coaching connects the missing link in leadership development growing the person as the basis for growing the leader." P. W.
  • "It's not enough to say that this was an excellent class, it was too real and relevant to both my personal and professional life." J. P.
  • "The coaching experience gives a leader the greatest gift of all - the gift of truth and authenticity. If you really want to grow, then participate in this profound executive development program." D. P.
  • "The greatest challenge to the organization's leadership is balance. The coaches provide practical coaching to deal with the cyclone of change which surrounds every leader." J. H.
  • "You clearly have a wealth of experience and wisdom on this subject and are able to effectively communicate and relate principles -- created a very dynamic atmosphere." M. S.
  • "Mature, experienced, motivating, humorous, thought provoking, energetic with nice delivery style." C. T.
  • "Enlightening, inspiring, challenging. Very useful models, methods, and analogies. Very useful exercises and communications. Very competent, both technically and in communicating. Best I've ever experienced. Excellent use of humor." T. S.