Organizational Excellence Consulting

Organizational Excellence Consulting

Organizational excellence requires a holistic and systematic view of an organization's strategy, processes, and people.

We work with public and private sector clients on management, organizational and business improvement initiatives. As a true "consulting" company we provide guidance, advice and coaching to our clients. We strive to make them as "self-sufficient" as possible, as opposed to the common practice of becoming "indispensable" to the client, remaining long after the value should have been achieved.

Twin Star Consulting Company offers a rich consulting skill base and management commitment that addresses client objectives and desired outcomes. Our insights and understanding of client requirements regularly translate into directly measurable performance efficiencies and quality improvements.

We bring creative and proven approaches to solving workforce inefficiencies and we partner with our clients to formulate and align their business strategies to improve organizational performance. We help our clients effectively leverage the most valuable asset in their organizations - their people. By applying proven principles and strategies and close collaboration we assist in attaining the goals necessary to succeed in today's dynamic and evolving environment.

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Representative Client Engagements

  • Developed a portfolio, program and resource management system (PMO) for WPS Health Insurance, which required more efficient processing of claims. Aligned resources, defined priorities, set standards, developed training and implemented new utilization metrics. Improved claim processing quality 20%. Reduced processing time 34% and saved $12M while increasing claim profits.
  • Eliminated 10 service-provider contracts by establishing an internal IT department for Norsk Hydro (oil, aluminum & chemicals firm). Transformed a decentralized service organization (a cost center) into a 1,300 person / $325M company which is an IT service competitor to HP and IBM.
  • Developed business models, set strategic plans, developed project management and supplier processes and reduced project labor costs for numerous Audiovisual integration companies ($23M - $96M in revenue). Reduced average overhead costs by 40% and increased profitability by 50%.
  • Improved organizational alignment, process effectiveness and efficiencies. Many bank clients (Wells Fargo, ANB, Guaranty Bank, etc.) have achieved dramatic reductions in overhead costs and waste (~$20M) while improving quality and customer satisfaction ratings through project and operational alignment and process improvements.
  • Established a new product portfolio and stage-gate product development and project management system for Starbucks Coffee Company - reducing development cycle by 33% and reducing effort by 40%. Enhanced processing standards, negotiated new supplier contracts, and improved product quality
  • Implemented an ERP system and portfolio, program and resource management system for Novo Nordisk and NNIT - with training, development and organizational change management components. Lowered non-recurring project, manufacturing and supply chain costs, increased the efficiency of product development, production and distribution systems.